Skydive Balaton


május 28. - június 2. 

május 28., 9:00–június 2., 19:00 (UTC+03)


Heli Invasion

...german guys wanna conquer the mighty Mi-8 for one full week :D 
Belly fly training and coaching oriented event.
Let them do their thing, or join forces for the bigger fun !!!
German and Hungarian beer will flow like rivers, party with private DJ will go loooong in the what U can....we will be here SPRINGEN :D
RED BEAST jumps will be available for sunrise and sunset :)))

More details soon !

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Elő-WS Boogie Aug-2-3

2014 Augusztus 2 - 3

augusztus 2., 7:00–augusztus 3., 21:00

Wingsuit pre-training days

One week later will be the fight of the bests, flying wingsuits and scratching the skies over the Balaton Lake, then masters of acrobatic and flocking will come to teach us how is this done!

Are u sure you are ready? do some coaching before...and be ready!!! Fun will not be missing, planning some chicks can get a ride every load :D

All other disciplines are welcome

Let's get crazy :D

Ugrás  Mi-8 Helikopterből, 4000 m magasból a Balaton panorámájával

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Utó-Húsvéti Mi-8 Boogie

Minden ejtőernyőst  várunk!
RW, BW, Tanulók, Tandemek, stb :D

Sajnos az időjárás nem kedvezett... :-(

ToraTora Hungary Heli Camp 2014

2014 június 22. - június 27.

június 22., 9:00–június 27., 19:00

ToraTora Hungary Heli Camp 2014


Push your skills in 6 days of dedicated coaching in small groups (6-10 skydivers). All jumps from the MI-8 helicopter! 7 freefly groups devided by skill level, and 7 organizers to guide them.

The package includes lodging, food, 3 meals a day and some beer.

Info and booking:

The MI8 is the best we've ever seen, the DZ is flat like a golf course, the view over lake Balaton is amazing and the 2p rooms are very comfortable.

New in 2014: Join the camp for solo jumps or jump with your friends and get five 1-on-1 coaching jumps each.

Event details on FB

WPWS Performance 2014- Balaton Nagydíj & PF Formation Camp

Intl. Hungarian WS Performance Cup & PF Formation Camp

Kiliti Skydive Balaton is proud to be part of "Wingsuit Performance World Series 2014". Paralog Performance Competition with judge Klaus Rheinwald & Wingsuit Formation Camp with Robert Pecnik & Jarno Cordia load organizing.

7-10 August - Training & Competition
11-12 August - Fun jumps & Flocking
13-15 August - Coached formations by Robert Pecnik & Jarno Cordia of Phoenix-Fly
16-17 August - Fun jumps & Flocking

Book a room now through Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Detailed Competition information:
The competition will be organized by the internationally accepted PPC rules. For more information, check

Wingsuit Performance World Series 2014

The competition will have 2 rounds, each one with 3 jumps (on time, distance and speed). So a total of 6 jumps, with as many competitors as possible in the same round, to guarantee similar wind conditions. One competitor can participate in one category only.

The 3 catagories are Wingsuit Small/Intermediate, Wingsuit Open and Tracking.

Detailed event scedule:
07 August - training jumps
08 August - first competition day
09 August - second competition day
10 August - announcement of winners and ceremony - jump day 
11-12 August wingsuit formation days, n the evening there will be a (free) formation flying seminar.
13-15 August wingsuit intermediate and advance coaching - formation flocking (Organizing by Jarno Cordia & Robert Pecnik)
16 -17 formation flying

Olasz Nagyalakzat Tábor

Szervező: Ivan Quadrio e SKIN

Italian Formation Skydiving Training Camp - 8-11 May 2014

Skydive Slideshow - from our Ukraine jumpers!

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