Skydive Balaton

WPWS Performance 2014- Balaton Nagydíj & PF Formation Camp

Intl. Hungarian WS Performance Cup & PF Formation Camp

Kiliti Skydive Balaton is proud to be part of "Wingsuit Performance World Series 2014". Paralog Performance Competition with judge Klaus Rheinwald & Wingsuit Formation Camp with Robert Pecnik & Jarno Cordia load organizing.

7-10 August - Training & Competition
11-12 August - Fun jumps & Flocking
13-15 August - Coached formations by Robert Pecnik & Jarno Cordia of Phoenix-Fly
16-17 August - Fun jumps & Flocking

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Detailed Competition information:
The competition will be organized by the internationally accepted PPC rules. For more information, check

Wingsuit Performance World Series 2014

The competition will have 2 rounds, each one with 3 jumps (on time, distance and speed). So a total of 6 jumps, with as many competitors as possible in the same round, to guarantee similar wind conditions. One competitor can participate in one category only.

The 3 catagories are Wingsuit Small/Intermediate, Wingsuit Open and Tracking.

Detailed event scedule:
07 August - training jumps
08 August - first competition day
09 August - second competition day
10 August - announcement of winners and ceremony - jump day 
11-12 August wingsuit formation days, n the evening there will be a (free) formation flying seminar.
13-15 August wingsuit intermediate and advance coaching - formation flocking (Organizing by Jarno Cordia & Robert Pecnik)
16 -17 formation flying