Skydive Balaton

Safety Day at Skydive Balaton

Safety Day at Skydive Balaton


In early spring, the skydiving season for much of the country is just crawling out of hibernation. Most skydivers don’t jump through the cold months as often as they do in the summer, and their skills are a bit rusty. That’s when Safety Day comes. Established in 1997 from an idea by Patti Chernis, Safety Day provides a worldwide forum at local drop zones to prepare jumpers for the year ahead. Safety Day promotes safety programs and helps inform jumpers of new developments and review important information and procedures. Activities typically include hands-on review and practice of safety procedures, seminars from skydiving operation professionals and experts, equipment evaluations and more. Most days end with a social get together. USPA encourages all jumpers of all experience levels to attend.

This year Miran Vereš and the instructor team will be at your service!

From April till end of October, if weather permits, we are open every weekend for skydiving.

All jumps from Mi-8 helicopter(s) 4000 m

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