Skydive Balaton

Heli Hardcore 2015

27 July – 2 August

Heli Hardcore 2015

Have fun, learn, progress and enjoy jumping from our MI8 helicopter during our 7 day event - Heli Hardcore 2015.

Each event option includes:

  • 24 jumps
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • Free beer*
  • Finale party (Saturday 1 August)

FREEFLY / ANGLE SKILLS CAMP (beginner – inter)

In 7 days you can challenge yourself, achieve goals and progress with the help of your dedicated coaches who will be with you on every jump!  If you are relatively new to freefly, have some tunnel time but haven’t translated that to the sky yet, or keen to perfect your head up skills - look no further!   World record holder Gigliola Borgnis is leading the team of coaches and during small group coached jumps, you will push your skills and see huge improvement day after day.

There are very limited slots still available for this event.

Skills Camp


This is the ultimate training camp for beginner wingsuit flyers, who want to develop their flocking skills.  Each jump you will be coached by instructor Jason Dodunski, who will help you work your way from 1 on 1 coaching to 10 way flocks in a safe and fun environment.  Over 7 days see your wingsuit flying improve dramatically!  This is a fast-track skills camp, for those enthusiastic about flocking. Hurry – spaces are strictly limited!


If you are looking for a fun environment, access to load organisers, a great landing area, and an amazing jump ship, you have found it, all in one place.  Loads are pre-organised each day (miss it, miss out).

*1 beer per person, per day.

Heli Hardcore

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