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What about learning to Skydive?

What Is Accelerated Freefall?

In the AFF course you will learn the basics of skydiving from the very beginning.

You will start by a 6 hours groung training, where you will learn an practice on the ground what you need to know for your first jump.

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AFF Prices

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) prices

Theoretical and ground training

160 €


49.600,- Ft

Jumps with two instructors (the first 3 levels)

195 €


60.450,- Ft

Jumps with one instuctor(jumps 4-9)

145 €


44.950,- Ft

Total coast (without jump repetition)

1.615 €


500.650,- Ft

If you decided to join our course, please fill in the skydiver registration form, and contact Miran: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Slovenian Formation Skydiving - 24 way sequential

II. Formation Skydiving Training CAMP august 2013

III. Formation Skydiving / SPEED STAR TRAINING - September 2013

Speed Star Competiton - The Snowhite and the 7 amigos team - the joy after training! october 2013

Speed Star Competiton - IV. Formation Skydiving Training CAMP - October 2013

IV. Formation Skydiving Training CAMP - October 2013 - New kids - back to basics :D

V. Formation Skydiving Training CAMP - 1-2 May 2014 - New kids - back to basics :D

Italian Formation Skydiving Training Camp - 8-11 May 2014