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What about learning to Skydive?

What Is Accelerated Freefall?

In the AFF course you will learn the basics of skydiving from the very beginning.

You will start by a 6 hours groung training, where you will learn an practice on the ground what you need to know for your first jump.

Than the great moment is coming, your first jump with 2 instructor

There are 3 levels to complet with 2 instructors, different tasks to learn

If you can't do any of them at first try, don't worry, you can repeate them 


 After the first 3 levels comleted you will jump with 1 instructor.  You will learn new tasks, freefall alone, perform turns, somersaults, tracking, then open your parachute and steer it to the landing area.

The minimum numper of jumps in the course is 9.

The standard AFF course is recognised worldwide but it only gives you the basics.  Before you can receive an “A” license to become an independent jumper (off student status) you will need further training in such things as packing, equipment checks, advanced canopy-handling skills along with written examinations, instructor endorsements and various certificates.

How Long Does It Take?

First of all it depends on you. If you can do all the tasks at first try, you can do it in 2 weekends, or in a longer Boogie, in a week.

But be prepared a bit longer period. Strong wind, or rainy weather can stop hold you for a few hours or maybe days.

Don'tworry, you learn skydiving for fun!

Legyél te is ejtőernyős!Ugrottál már tandemet?Tetszett?Megtanulhatod!

Posted by Ugrani Jó - Tandemugrás helikopterből a Balatonnál on 2015. március 29.

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