Skydive Balaton

Nagyszerű volt: ToraTora Hungary Heli Camp 2014



2014 június 22. - június 27.

június 22., 9:00–június 27., 19:00

ToraTora Hungary Heli Camp 2014


Push your skills in 6 days of dedicated coaching in small groups (6-10 skydivers). All jumps from the MI-8 helicopter! 7 freefly groups devided by skill level, and 7 organizers to guide them.

The package includes lodging, food, 3 meals a day and some beer.

Info and booking:

The MI8 is the best we've ever seen, the DZ is flat like a golf course, the view over lake Balaton is amazing and the 2p rooms are very comfortable.

New in 2014: Join the camp for solo jumps or jump with your friends and get five 1-on-1 coaching jumps each.

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